As if to prove my point…

As if to prove my point…

…this comes out in the Financial Times, talking about a mechanised elite of the post evolutionary dystopia. My only counter argument would be that in a semi-post evolutionary world,  the mechanised elite will create an arms race with non-mechanised humans, and evolution among the poor would speed up until they become annihilated or assimilated. For example, in an Indian slum, you only have to look at the teeth of the children (straight healthy teeth being a visible marker for good genes) who make it to adulthood to know they have a stronger constitution than comparatively weak and flabby westerners made useless by scientific advantage. Those that survive and flourish among the pathogens they are regularly exposed to in their  rubbish dump existence, it makes sense that they have an evolutionary advantage over those whom comfort and pampering and antibiotics have raised to adulthood. What advantage man provides, nature inevitably takes away, even if in the short term, the advantages of science seem to have the edge – antibiotics vs superbugs, anyone?

I think the fact that I have taken to talking about this stuff instead of documenting life at home probably speaks volumes too

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