Beware the Ides of March, or so sayeth Shakespeare. But without wanting to jinx recent developments, life may have finally hit a good patch, and only partly because it’s spring, which means bonus season – in Tom’s world of high finance at least. Never mind that we’d spent a good deal of it before his ‘number’ was confirmed because – and this is the best bit of being suddenly liquid – we moved into our Devon cottage last weekend, and suddenly it feels as though things are going our way.

Never mind that we returned to London with two old wardrobes I’d once lovingly painted for the kids, which we’d killed ourselves dragging down three flights of London stairs only for them not to fit under the new pad’s narrow doorways, and which we had to dump for scrap; and the fridge that Tom ordered from one of his five desk screens, that arrived in Devon only for it to be too big for our Victorian ceilings. Nevermind that getting the sofa in through a tight turn had been almost as epic as giving birth, when finally, and with not a little brute force, it emerged though the wooden crevice of our new living room doorway, both luckily still more-or less intact.

Everything else about the move had gone smoothly – and the cottage itself – which I’d never actually seen in real life – was perfect – from the indestructible flagstone floors, quaint entrance tiling, woodburner and outhouse that resembles a giant doll’s house, or the fact that we almost entirely furnished it from odds and sods of furniture that had been languishing in the London loft – give or take a few beds and Ikea gubbins – and a little of decorative imagination. 

So, now, a two week Easter vacation beckons, with the kids due to make their inaugural visit in April, having spent this last weekend wearing out Nanna Zoo while Tom and I worked like dogs to get it ready.

We returned, exhausted, after a five hour crawl in an ancient (and filthy) removal van, having consumed little but biscuits, prosecco and a dirty burger or two the entire weekend – which reminded each other of why we work so well as a team. He’d lugged. I’d scrubbed, he’d considered the practicalities while I made the whole thing look nice – so much for gender stereotypes, but together we got everything done.
All that remains is to enjoy it ourselves for a couple of weeks, then get it online and hope to high heaven it more or less pays for (and with a little local help, manages) itself.

And there have been other changes afoot, some of which I can’t yet talk about, but suffice it to say it’s all good. Not least I’ve been allowing my WordPress domain to expire as I got fed up with being charged for the privilege of being a dot com every year, thinking my blog would just revert to a standard domain, like it was in the old days before I had pretensions of doing anything but let off steam. But instead, WordPress basically bribe you by putting a bit expiry notice all over your content, so I need to think through what I’m going to do about that, in future. In the meantime, and given our sudden influx of digitised liquidity, I’ve upgrade – as I have my sofa, hairdryer and kitchen chairs in order to furnish my new dual occupancy life.

I really don’t want to brag – it’s been an uphill struggle to get to a point when we can see a future where we can take our feet off the pedal a bit, and before the kids are too old to enjoy it with us – and so on this happy note, and with genuine hope in my heart for a brighter future for my family, I wish you all a good weekend.